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Wind and Rain
January 18, 1996

I sit looking over
The half-frozen lake,
The winds roll bye
As trees tremble and quake.

Other than the wind,
None is a pain,
Except for...Omigod-
It's starting to rain!

A sprinkle here,
And a sprinkle there.
Then it stops
And no rain is in the air.

I start to get cold,
I shiver a bit.
Then I look inside
Where the fire is lit.

Then I look up
At the storm-clouded sky,
As a bird flies away
And tweets, "Goodbye."

It isn't so cold,
About 50 degrees.
But I hope really hard
That the lake will refreeze.

It's raining again,
It should stop soon.
The clouds fly by
Hiding sun and moon.

I wish upon a star
That I cannot see
That raining no more
It will soon be.

It hasn't stopped yet,
It's still coming down,
Barely to be seen
And not making a sound.

The wind blows more
Making standing water unclear.
The rain has now stopped
And clouds roll away with fear.

It's still blowing hard
And getting chillier yet.
But since the rain has stopped,
I'm not getting wet.

To wrap this up,
I'm not sure quite how.
But I'll try my best
And do it right now.

I'm going to stand up.
I'm now on my feet.
And going inside
Where there is some heat!

1998 The National Library of Poetry; "Wind and Rain" Copyright Paige Klassen