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In Memory of Tammy K. Riever
September 15, 1996

I knew who you were,
But we weren't really friends.
It's hard to believe
Your life has come to an end.

I see you in my mind,
Walking down the hall.
Or sliding into third base
In a race with a softball.

You had just graduated!
Spring of this year.
I had just seen you,
And now, you're not here.

You had so much ahead of you,
So much you hadn't done.
But now, you can't do those things
Because of a night that started as fun.

How could it end?
So quickly - so fast.
You didn't know that car ride
Would be your very last.

Now all we have
Are memories of you.
You'll be in our hearts
In whatever we do.

1998 The National Library of Poetry; "In Memory of Tammy K. Riever" Copyright Paige Klassen