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October 15, 1998

(Written for AP English class about a childhood memory.)

I was at the house of a friend
Who called me over to play.
We were having lots of fun,
And it was a wonderful day.

The sun was shining,
The trees swaying in the breeze,
It was warm, and we waded
In water to our knees.

After swimming for hours,
We got out to dry.
We sat out on the dock
And watched boats go by.

A friend of the brother of my friend
Was invited over, too.
He annoyed us and followed us everywhere,
He stuck to us like glue.

He was mean to us!
(All boys are bad)!
He threw rocks at us
And that made us mad!

We wanted to get even with him
And get him back for good.
But then we thought it might be bad,
And we wondered if we should.

He came over to where we were
And climbed to the table top.
He was mean to us once again,
And we told him he had to stop.

But he wouldn't stop being mean,
And I wondered if I was able
To get revenge, and sure enough,
I pushed him off the table!

1998 The National Library of Poetry; "Revenge" Copyright Paige Klassen