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February 9, 1994

Questions! Questions!
What's this? What's that?
How many? What kind?
And, of course, where's it at?

"Why?" you wonder, to yourself,
"Why do they ask and ask and ask?"
When you ask them,
They won't do a simple task.

Who? What?
Where? When? and Why?
"How?" They ask,
"Does any bird fly?"

Then, they ask you
The toughest of all.
How many leaves fall
Down in the fall?

"Look it up!" you tell them.
Tears roll from their eyes.
"They ask, "How can you say that,
To someone who cries?"

"That's it! No more questions!
I'm sick of it now!
No more who? What? Where?
When? Why? and How?!"

"I bought you those books,
I know you can read!
Use them to find all
The answers you need!"

1998 The National Library of Poetry; "Questions" Copyright Paige Klassen