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My Love
June 29, 1997

You told me of your feelings, my love,
And I told you of mine too.
After you told me this, my love,
I could do nothing but think of you.

Whenever I think of you, my love,
I get a smile on my face.
I find myself thinking of you, my love,
At any time and any place.

I'm thinking of you as you read this, my love,
I think of you all the time.
I wonder if you're thinking of me, my love,
You're forever on my mind.

You're there for me when I need you, my love,
And even when I do not.
Sometimes I feel alone, my love,
And that you are all I've got.

I wish I was with you this moment, my love,
But you are so far away.
I want to be with you so much, my love,
I want to be with you to stay.

Distance can't conqure love, my love,
Especially the love we share.
My love for you is great, my love,
Although I cannot be there.

You are my one and only, my love,
No one else but you
Can make me as happy as you do, my love.
And for that reason, I love you.

1998 The National Library of Poetry; "My Love" Copyright Paige Klassen