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Every Moment
March 21, 1999

I lie awake in bed each night
Wishing you were here with me.
Thinking of you every moment of the day,
Imagining how it could be.

Every night while I sleep,
My dreams are of you.
I only wish that some
Of these dreams could come true.

Every morning when I wake up,
You're the first thing on my mind.
Forever waiting to see you again,
And leave this loneliness behind.

During everything I do all day,
Thoughts of you run through my head,
Often causing tears to flow,
And I'm running out of tears to shed.

Every moment when I think of you,
My love for you grows stronger.
No matter how much I wish for time to pass,
It seems like the wait keeps getting longer.

Though I miss you more and more each day,
Every moment we're not together,
I love you more every moment as well.
And I'll always love you, forever.

1999 The National Library of Poetry; "Every Moment" Copyright Paige Klassen