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April 23, 1997

I watch the others lead their normal lives,
With lots of friends and fun.
And sometimes I have to wonder,
If I am the only one.

I feel all alone,
Like no one is there.
Although I know,
There are some who care.

There are some who like me,
But also some who don't.
Some who will be seen with me,
And certainly some who won't.

I wish I was more like everyone else,
My life is seen as a big joke.
I have no best friend to be there for me
Whenever my life goes up in smoke.

I have no one to talk to,
My life holds some sad and lonely years.
I keep all my feelings to myself,
And then I burst out into tears.

Sometimes when I go to sleep,
I just start to cry.
It happens to me so often,
And I just wonder why.

I wonder why I feel the way I do,
I don't understand at all.
I'm walking up a staircase,
And at the end awaits a fall.

A fall that lasts forever,
It will never end.
Unless, of course I find myself
A wonderful, caring friend.

I need a friend to slow my fall,
And bring it to a stop.
To help me climb back up the stairs,
And guide me to the top.

I need a shoulder to cry on,
A shoulder that is always there.
And with that, I need a friend,
A friend who will really care.

I don't know how to end this,
The feeling never goes away.
Every moment of my life,
I almost always feel this way.

Whether it's all true or not,
I really do not know.
There are people who care,
At least I hope and think so.

Although this is an unending thought,
I cannot write forever.
But my thoughts will go on and stay in my head,
And they won't go away, not ever.

1998 The National Library of Poetry; "Lonliness" Copyright Paige Klassen