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October 17, 1993

It's my life, not yours,
Or is it yours, not mine?
We have our own special things
To keep us in line.

My life, full of busy days,
Yours, just plain lonely.
What makes us all different?
It can't be one thing only.

Could it be our laugh?
Could it be our smile?
Could it be our favorite color?
Or how fast we run the mile?

What makes us different?
Me and you?
How would it be if we weren't so different,
Not so new?

Would it be boring?
Would it be rough?
Would it be easy, hard,
Or just plain tough?

We'll never know,
You and me.
Because we're all different
As the waves of the sea.

1998 The National Library of Poetry; "Life" Copyright Paige Klassen