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July 13, 1994

Alone, by myself,
What is there to do?
All I know is
I'm not with you.

Sitting by the lake,
Trees towering high.
All I can do is
Wonder, "Why?"

Why am I sitting here,
All alone?
Well, at least I have time,
That I can call my own.

With time of my own,
I can think to myself,
How would it be if I were
A magical elf?

How would it be
To be a deer?
To see a person,
Walking near?

If I were a swan,
I'd be snowy white.
I would then be
Such a beautiful sight.

Maybe I'll stop
Trying to be,
And I'll just end up
Being me.

Such imagination,
While I'm all alone.
Thinking and dreaming,
All on my own.

1998 The National Library of Poetry; "Alone" Copyright Paige Klassen