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Paige aka cookie aka CheeseHead aka Miss Cheesie aka WebPaige aka Payge aka DaCooksta aka cookle aka pookie aka ookie wookie aka cookaroo aka cookie monster aka cookly aka kooky cookie

So exactly what does all this stuff mean?! Well, I'll explain it to ya! Each of the names means something, they aren't just something I dreamed up, unless I say differently in the individual definition! : ) I don't use the same color for any two of these names, and I always use the same color for a certain name.

Paige - My real name.

cookie - My chat handle. No real story behind this name, except that the first time I ever chatted, a friend of mine from school just typed it in for me. So this is the name I stuck with. It fits me. : )

CheeseHead - Thanks Amythest. : ) I was chatting as a no name, and Amythest insisted on having a name to call me. So I told her to pick a name and call me by that name, and she did! CheeseHead!

Miss Cheesie - This name goes along with CheeseHead. Amythest and Sythia call me Miss Cheesie now. : )

WebPaige - This is sorta where I got my idea for my homepage (HomePaige) title! Thank ya, Matt!

Payge - My good friend, Hypnotica gave me this name. Her name is Lisa, but I call her Leesa!

DaCooksta - I sorta gave myself this name. I just felt like I needed something else to go by. Imagine that! *lol*

cookle - HotRod4x5 gave me this name. He said he likes to mess with people's names and stuff. So he calls me cookle all the time now.

pookie - Another name from Matt, The Real Matt, as he is called. Don't ask me why he calls me that, I think he said he just wanted to add to my list of names. Hey, that's not a problem! : )

ookie wookie - Lots of people call me ookie wookie. I think it started with GeekUSA, cuz he called me ookie. Then when Star Wars came out, everyone called me wookie! Then that fit together for 'ookie wookie' I guess! I'm also known as 'ookie wookie sis' by most of the "cyber-siblings" that I have! : )

cookaroo - This is from BeerHunter, who likes to add "aroo" to the end of most people's names. Hey, it's a cute idea. : )

cookie monster - If your nickname is cookie, what are the odds that you won't be called cookie monster? Corpse always calls me cookie monster and now lots of people have decided to take after him. I guess they think he's cool or something. *lol* : )

cookly - I think this is yet another name from Amythest. Again, it's just a name to add to my list, I think. : )

kooky cookie - This one is thanks to Jennifer, who said she felt bad about being what she thought was the only person who didn't call me by a different nickname! So, I am now a kooky cookie! hehehe...

So, what do you think? Am I crazy or what? : )